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05/02/2014 - 09:19 (GMT +7)

Product has been applied the quality management system of International Stadard ISO 9001:2008 and achieved the international standard and exported to Japan. Korea, Thailand, Philippine and others countries on over the world, and highly appreciated by the customers


User as fertilizer on agriculture
In industry: User as materials for production of chemicals

SPECIFICAYTIONS -     Nitrogen Concent ≥ 46.3%
-     Biuret     ≤ 1,0%

-     Moisture  ≤ 0,35%


To be packed in double layers, inner PE an outer PP, white or yellow base color, 50 kgs each, 500 kgs each, 800kgs each


Storage in dry, cool and waterpoof places. Do not damage its bag. While storage, do not overlap more than 20 bags, no hooks to be used


More than 200.000 MTPY

From 2014, the output will be 500.000 MTPY