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Habac Carbon Dioxide Solid (CO2)

24/02/2014 - 10:46 (GMT +7)

Product has been applied the quality management system of International Stadard ISO 9001:2008 and gained so many high ranker awards from the domestic and international fairs.

Solid CO2 with marble and white purity color, exit in very low temperature -79oC, above that level it will sublimate in gas stale. With such specifications, it is used for food protection, fresh sea products, allowing to lower temperatures without affecting food quality etc.

 Carbon Dioxide Solid (CO2) 


- CO2 can be for many purposes of protection foods and agriculture products as well as medical and pharmaceautical meterials. Besides, it can be used for technical research where the low temperatures can be needed for the production of tissues or living cells ests
SPECIFICATIONS CO2 content ≥ 99.9%
PACKEAGES Solid CO2 is produced by different sizes and kept in foam boxes
STORAGES As it is very easy to sublimate under the atmosphere condition so that it should be kept in closed packes or in foam box, in cool and dry places. In case for food protection, do not put the foods contact directly to solid CO2 in closed box as it may create pressure to explode
OUTPUT More than 1,400 MTPY

Used for food protection