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Habac Carbon Dioxide Liquid (CO2)

05/02/2014 - 10:33 (GMT +7)

Product has been applied the quality management system of International Stadard ISO 9001:2008 and gained so many high ranker awards from the domestic and international fairs.


- CO2 is used for making gas-beverages, protections foods and chilling, welding, casting, fire-extinguish and chemicals technologies
SPECIFICAYTIONS -CO2 concent         ≥ 99.9%
PACKAGES - To be packed in closed pressure tank with insulotion or in closed pressure bottle
STORAGE AND TRANSPORTTATIONS - Liquied CO2 is not filling more than 0,625kg/l in the storage units and not more than 0,9kg/l for storage tank; Keep the bottles and tank
from colliding each others, far from direct sun-light or hot sources. For long storage in tanks. it needs a separate chilling system.
- During the transportation, the bottles are arranged horizontally, all valves are in the same direction with buffers in between. The transportation carries must have roofs and firmly, do not load human with CO2 products.
OUTPUT - More than 300,000 MTPY

                                                                                             Carbon Dioxide producing equipment

CO2 to be used as protective gas in welding technology                   CO2 is used in marking smoke inc cinematography and other applications