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05/02/2014 - 09:26 (GMT +7)

Product has been applied the quality management system of International Stadard ISO 9001:2008 and gained so many high ranker awards from the domestic and international fairs.

Ammonia Liquid (NH3)




- In freezing and chemical industries
SPECIFICAYTIONS -NH3 concent         ≥ 99.9%
- Fe concent           ≤ 2mg/lít
- Oil concent           ≤ 8mg/lí
PACKAGES - Packed in special pressurized vessels
STORAGE AND TRANSPORTTATIONS - Volume packing <80% volume of net vessels and 0,5kg/l for transportation bottles.
- Transport on vehicles with roof and firmly frames. Do not transport product along with humans and in flammable materials. The bottles are packed in one upward row with stuffing in between. 
- Handle with care and keeping them away from high temperatures.
OUTPUT - More than 100,000 MTPY
From 2014, the output will be 300,000 MTPY